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Diaper Delivery, Early Head Start and Nurturing Parenting

Once per month, we purchase and deliver diapers and wipes to families enrolled in our Early Head Start and Nurturing Parenting programs. Volunteer will assist with diaper pick up and delivery, traveling from Costco to family homes accompanied by Front Porch Alliance staff.

Needs: 3+ volunteers willing to use personal vehicles* and who can safely lift 15lbs
*Larger vehicles and SUVs preferred as diaper boxes are large.

Commitment: first or last Friday of the month for 2-3 hours

Location: Costco Wholesale 241 Linwood Blvd. Kansas City MO 64111

Contact: An Sasala,, 816-831-1450

Parent Café Child Care, Early Head Start

Parent Cafés offer parents the chance form community and learn together. Parent Cafés require that parents attend without their children, so Front Porch Alliance provides free childcare.

Needs: 4+ volunteers providing childcare for approx. 20 children aged 1mo to 5 years old.

Commitment: 2-2.5 hours on the 4th Thursday of each month (5:00-7:30pm)

Location: various locations around Eastside Kansas City

Contact: Amanda Balabon,, 816-831-1452

Partners Active in Learning, In-School and After School

Mentor a Kansas City student! Partners Active in Learning (PALs) offer individual tutoring and mentorship to elementary school students. PALs help students gain confidence and skill in math and reading.

Needs: 10+ passionate, patient adults interested in mentoring youth

Commitment: 1-3 hours per week based on student need and your availability, during the school day and after school

   -Faxon Elementary, 1320 E 32nd Terrace Kansas City MO 64109
   -Front Porch Alliance, 3210 Michigan Ave. STE 400 Kansas City MO 64109

Contact: Hanna Hochstetler,, 816-831-1457

Youth Programs Volunteer

During the school year, we run five programs both in-schools and after school. These program support student growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) areas and foster social and emotional skill building.

   -Robotics Coaches
   -Shark Tank Instructors and Financial Experts
   -Our Stories General Support

Commitment: 1-3 hours per week depending on program needs and prep

Contact: Hanna Hochstetler,, 816-831-1457

Minor Home Repair Crew Members

Our Minor Home Repairs Crew assists Eastside Kansas City residents with small repairs and jobs around the house. These jobs generally range from window replacements and safety gate installation to porch patching and replacement. We are looking for dedicated “handy” folks to join the crew!

Needs: 6+ volunteers able to lift ~50lbs and who feel comfortable doing basic home repair and construction

Commitment: 4-6 hours per week, Thursdays or Saturdays during the day

Location: various homes across Eastside Kansas City

Contact: Donald Paul Jones III,, 816-831-1458

Community Clean Up Volunteers

On Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022,* Front Porch Alliance will host our first Community Clean Up. Food and refreshments will be provided for all volunteers. While this event focuses on men’s health and building relationship between men and the youth they support, folks and families of all genders and ages are welcome.
*Rain Date: Sunday, Oct. 2

Needs: ~50 volunteers of ages 5+, ability to bring your own tools and to lift +25lbs a plus and folks willing to grill/bbq for the group

Commitment: 4 hours

Location: TBD area in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood

Contact: Donald Paul Jones III,, 816-831-1458

General Volunteer

Interested in supporting Front Porch Alliance but aren’t sure where to start? We always need help with office work, event planning, social media, document digitization, and more.

Needs: 1+ volunteers willing to assist around the office

Commitment: 2+ hours per week

Location: Front Porch Alliance, 3210 Michigan Ave STE 400, Kansas City MO 64109

Contact: An Sasala,, 816-831-1450

Special Skills Volunteer

Interested in supporting Front Porch Alliance with your skills or expertise? We are in search of volunteers who can assist in the below areas. If your skills are not listed, please reach out!
   -Photography and videography to assist with community storytelling, events, and social media
   -Accounting and finance
   -Spanish language interpretation and translating
   -Folks interested in running 2hr workshops on home ownership, health and wellness, reproductive rights, and etc.
   -Folks interested in running 8wk community classes on various topics as requested by the community

Needs: 1+ volunteers willing to use their skills or expertise in service

Commitment: as needed

Location: Front Porch Alliance, 3210 Michigan Ave STE 400, Kansas City MO 64109

Contact: An Sasala,, 816-831-1450

Community Service with Spirit

“I was looking for an opportunity to read with students and came across your Instagram post. I knew this would be a great fit.”
Winter 2022 R.I.S.E. Volunteer

Each week, over 50 volunteers tutor elementary students, coach robotics teams, patch porches, and provide additional support and services to eastside families. Consider joining us today!

3210 Michigan Ave. Kansas City MO 64109


Front Porch Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered with the State of Missouri. All donations are tax exempt.

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