Minor. Home. Repairs.

Home repair help for community elders.

Our dedicated Minor Home Repair crew provides assistance to Eastside residents caring for their homes. Our crew patches porches, hangs pictures, and fixes the loose newel post.

The crew is back in action. To schedule service, call 816-831-1458 or click the below link!

Community Events

Offered each quarter to meet emerging community needs.

Events may include:
       –Health + Resource Fairs
       –Community Baby Showers
       –Play Groups and Parent Cafés
       –Coat Drives

We’re always looking for community partners to help produce and sponsor our quarterly events!

Run a workshop, mentor a student, patch a porch.
The opportunities to collaborate are endless.

Professionals wishing to donate their time or skills,
please email proposals to: info@frontporchalliance.org

Never miss an event!


3210 Michigan Ave. Kansas City MO 64109


Front Porch Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered with the State of Missouri. All donations are tax exempt.

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