Teen Summer Programs

Our two summer programs youth ages 13-16 with opportunities to explore storytelling and entrepreneurship through film and art.

June 26 — August 11

Student registration closes May 31st.

Reproductive + Sexual Health Class

7 week class covering topics related to sexual/reproductive health and wellness.

Topics include healthy relationships, understanding your body, family planning, and more! 

Cohort 2 runs from May 18 through June 29

Free childcare and meals provided.

Rock the Block

June 24, 2023

Restore the beauty of Eastside homes through the power of community support and a little elbow grease.


Training and lunch provided!

Now accepting volunteers age +14

Run an art workshop!

Community-based artists, makers, and creatives are the heart and soul of our PORCH Storytellers program. Folks selected to run a workshop are compensated at $25/hr for approximately 10hrs of work with our youth participants.

Past workshop topics included:

  • Improv and other forms of comedy
  • Writing and pitching TV pilots
  • Community gardening and art installations
  • Poetry

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