Who We Are

Board of Directors

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Lisa Schellhorn, Community Volunteer– President

Carol Thrane, Community Advocate – Vice President

Scott Sturgeon, Commerce Trust Company– Secretary 

Joe Sweeny, Country Club Trust Company – Treasurer 

Stacy Benson, Community Volunteer

Barb Brown, Community Volunteer

Annie Burcham, Global Prairie

Gregg Gimlin, Community Volunteer

Charlotte Hall, Community Volunteer

Rashel Hughley, Hallmark

Sandra Jiles, Community Volunteer

Pauline Moley, Retired Educator

Dianne Stanley, Seneca Telephone Company

Sally Stanton, Community Volunteer

Julie Sykes, Community Volunteer


Carol Cowden – Founding Member & Community Advocate

Betty Crooker – Founding Member & Community Advocate

Charlotte Davison – Founding Member & Community Advocate




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