• Fish Fry and Potluck for Neighborhood Leaders!

  • Supporting KC Families with a New Leadership Network on the LAMP Campus

    Supporting families in Kansas City's urban core is a vital mission for a variety of core institutions and service-based agencies. The Front Porch Alliance (FPA) has always believed that collaboration and trusting partnerships yield the best results when it comes to the stabilization and care for low-income families living in Kansas City's eastside neighborhoods. We are thrilled to announce a new leadership structure designed to make a broader network of resources available to help support the many and varied needs of our neighborhood families.

    Tom Esselman, CEO of Connecting For Good, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the digital divide in KC's urban core, and a partner tenant with the FPA in its headquarters at the Linwood Area Ministry Place (LAMP) campus, is the new Director of the FPA's Collaborative Leadership Team. His role is to oversee the staff and programs of the Front Porch Alliance, and to work closely with FPA's board of directors to advance the sustainability and growth of FPA's mission to make positive and lasting changes to the lives of Kansas City's eastside residents. Joining Esselman in this mission is Angela Underwood, Chief Programs Officer for Connecting for Good, and new Associate Director of the FPA's Collaborative Leadership Team. Underwood has previously served as an urban school principal in Nashville, Detroit, and Kansas City, including Faxon Elementary, where she partnered with the FPA in leading its PALs (Partnership in Active Learning) program.

    Esselman and Underwood began leading the FPA programs in April, with their top priority being to recruit and hire a new Programs Director who could serve as an actively engaged participant-leader for the Front Porch Alliance programs. They succeeded in doing just that--starting on July 10, in her new role as FPA's Program Director, is Brooke Taylor, an early childhood certified Instructional Coach, who also worked in the Nashville, Detroit, and Kansas City urban school districts. Brooke will manage FPA's Parent Educator staff of Makeda Peterson and Kimberly Miller, and will supervise the volunteer-led programs that the FPA has developed as a continuum of support for vulnerable families in the east of Troost KC neighborhoods.

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