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  • It Takes A Family To Support Kansas City's Neighborhood Families

    While other agencies have come and gone over the past 17 years, the Front Porch Alliance (FPA) has remained steadfast in its commitment to helping families grow and thrive. Its board of directors comes together as a family of engaged supporters and participants in direct services to dozens of poor-and-needy families living in the Kansas City, Missouri urban core each year.

    2017 Front Porch Alliance Board of Directors

    Seated: Betty Crooker, Lisa Schellhorn (President), Charlotte Hall

    Standing: Errol Riggins, Gregg Gimlin, Joe Sweeny (Treasurer), Samm Skare,

    Michael Hunt, Stacy Benson, Barb Brown, Sandy Jiles, Suzanne Willey, Carol

    Thrane (Vice President), Sheri Levingston

    Not pictured: Claudia Roshto, Charlotte Davison, Brandon Laughridge, Scott

    Sturgeon (Secretary)

    OUR CORE PROGRAM: Neighborhood Families
    The FPA's Neighborhood Families is a parent education and home-visiting program supporting low-income families in urban Kansas City, MO. Neighborhood Families is designed to help teach adults to become healthy parents, build protective factors, reduce family stress, access resources to meet basic needs, and reduce risks for traumatic childhood events and abuse/neglect. Ultimately, the program's purpose is to help families become healthy environments where children are safe, thriving, and receiving the best start possible to their lives.

    FPA's program stands out due to the cultural competency and experience of both the board and the staff. Through welcoming, non-threatening dialogue, FPA's family support parent educators engage parents in conversations about the program and access to essentials such as free books, diapers, car seats and cribs. Their focus always is on building relationships over time that starts with these initial conversations. Ultiately, it's the focus on basic family needs that builds family capacity for resiliency, health, wellness, and educational attainment by developing a network of community resources, social supports, and educational support.

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